PDM / PDH Walkie Series

PDM / PDH Walkie Series

PDI/PDM/PDH 2,000-4,000lb. Our family of “walkie” straddle trucks can accomplish a wide variety of material handling and work positioning tasks. These versatile vehicles provide a great alternative to sit down forklifts in many applications at a greatly reduced cost.

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  • The Big Joe PDM Series offers the best of both worlds. This lift gives heavy duty performance for a medium duty price. The PDM is capable of lifting 3000 lbs up to 13’ high and still operate in a narrow 7’ aisle. Retail, Printing, General Warehouse, and various manufacturing companies have seen how the PDM can provide optimum performance at an economical price.
  • The Big Joe PDH is the heavyweight of the Walkie Stacker industry. This series is designed to perform over multi-shift operations and handles up to 4,000 lbs at half the cost and weight of a rider truck. The 32” PDH chassis width allows the operator to handle heavy loads in narrow aisles and the other congested areas.
    The Big Joe PDR Series of Walkie Reach Trucks was designed to fulfill these needs by combining versatility of a counterbalanced forklift with the narrow aisle advantages of a straddle tuck.
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