J2 Joey

J2 Joey

The J2 “Joey” Low Level Order Picker Vehicle combines the compact design and exceptional manuverability of our J1 Task Support Vehicle with attributes of a counterbalanced forklift. The result is a versatile machine that can be used for low level order picking, and staging of pallets.

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  • Lifting Capacities Up to 1,500 Pounds on forks
  • 1,500lb. @ 24″ load center front mini mast, 300lb. operator, 200lb rear tray
  • Picking Heights Up to 72 Inches
  • LCD dash display with selectable travel settings and diagnostics
  • Electronic power steering with infinitely variable speed control
  • Finger tip controls integrated into retractable vehicle guardrails
  • Optional forward controls, eliminate side guardrails and improve egress
  • 180 degree articulating driveline with compact minimum turn radius
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