Forks And Chain Inspection

Forks And Chain Inspection

The forks on your lift truck should be inspected every 12 months. Lift truck forks are often mistreated and forgotten. As insubstantial as they seem, neglecting forks and chains could make them dangerous. There is barely a word about forks and chains mentioned in most operator training manuals or instructed courses. Lift truck technicians may ignore them completely. Yet, forks and chains carry larger loads than almost any lifting device but there are no mandatory requirements for maintenance or inspection.
You can find thousands of extra parts for lift trucks in some fleet repair shops, but you’ll seldom see spare forks. Even when all the trucks on the fleet are the same, fleet maintenance managers rarely order spare forks. Forks and chains last a long time if treated properly, but they can deceive by looking as good from most viewing angles when they are worn as when they are new.
It’s true that most forks are customized to the truck by model and capacity: they are big and heavy and thought of as indestructible. But forks can be abused or ruined in the course of daily work.


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