FlexQube Flat Shelf Cart

FlexQube Flat Shelf Cart

The FlexQube system meets the challenges in todays industry by creating flexible, safe and robust solutions for Material Handling. Based on your needs you can build modular cart and racks with basic components who can be re-used as your needs change.


Designed and manufactured for heavy duty material handling with an infinite number of variants. Using only four basic builing blocks: a beam, a tube, a locking plate and a joint. All have the same 4 5 M6 assembly interface and the same 7 cm dimensional range to facilitate the design process as well as assembling, re-assembling and recycling.

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  • Heavy Duty but still flexible and modular
  • Tow bar and hitch to tug several carts behind each other
  • Three shelves with capacity of 400 Lbs. each
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Manufactured and assembled in USA
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