Electric Utility Vehicle

Electric Utility Vehicle

Electric Stock Chaser provides extra run time and out-perform the competition all day long, day in and day out and are designed for a wide variety of roles – order picker, burden carrier, tow tractor and maintenance vehicle. There is no better electric industrial utility vehicle. This series provides a green-friendly solution for increasing efficiency, safety and profit. Rear step ladders allow operators to easily pick items from shelves while the slim design lets them safely maneuver down narrow aisles.

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  • Towing capabilities at 2,000lb and 5,000lb
  • Dual front wheels for added stability, tracking and carrying heavy loads
  • Tight turning radius for operating in confined spaces
  • Programmable – max. speed, separate forward and reverse speeds, acceleration rate
  • Easy configurability – width, length, shelves, etc.
  • Multiple voltages available to match usage conditions and runtime requirements
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