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VNA Equipments

Our Landoll Mfg Bendi and Drexel Complete Line of Narrow Aisle equipment and Combilift Space Maxizming Equipment offers the ideal solution for the company looking to maximize their product storage per square foot at a cost which allows for a rapid ROI. With the  ability to navigate in aisles in as narrow as 5’ with the Swing mast Drexel to 7’ with the dual swing Bendi, these units will allow you to handle product more efficiently and effectively at an economical cost vs traditional wire guided Turret vehicles, which we also have for sophiscticated systems. These units are able work in Pallet Storage systems easily and with the ability to lift up to 30’ + Which   will enable you to create a very flexible Storage solutions which  we can design to for your products with these units at an affordable cost.

Bendi B30AC
Bendi Forklift
Landoll Drexel VNA Front/Side Loading Swingmast Forklift
Combilift Multi Directional - Long Load Forklifts