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Sit Down Electric Forklifts

The Sit down Electric forklifts are an excellent choice when long duty cycles and enhance capacities  are required. The Nissan Line of Sit down Electric units come standard with many safety and ergonomic operator features to deliver reliable performance at and affordable cost. These Sit Down Electric units will enable the operators to go move large loads while unloading and loading Trailers, handle long runs through the warehouse and operate in pallet rack aisles, to take center stage in your load handling operation. Both owners and operators love the TX/BX series for its advanced full suspension and many operator friendly features to become your multi purpose vehicle to get the job done efficiently at an economical cost.

Unicarriers' TX 3 Wheel Electric
Unicarriers TX Series 3-Wheel Electric
Unicarriers' BX 4 Wheel Electric
UniCarriers Platinum BX 4-Wheel Electric
V15 Electric Sit Down Forklift
V08 3 Wheel Electric Rider Forklift
Nissan TX 3 Wheel Electric
Nissan Platinum TX Series 3-Wheel Electric
Nissan BX 4 Wheel Electric Forklift
Nissan Platinum BX 4-Wheel Electric