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Big Joe Shop Service

Shop Service

 Our In House Service department is the largest and most advanced  in the industry and specializes in doing complete turnkey service so all aspects of the lift truck can be checked on. We also offer our WHITE GLOVE Guarantee which means your Lift Trucks are reconditioned to our “GOLD PLATINUM” series specifications, which come with a six month warranty on major components and ninety days on wearable items.


  • Service & parts for all makes and models
  • 24 hour emergency service 365 days a year with "live" telephone support after 5:00 PM
  • Individual technician assigned to your account and a Customer Service Representative to back them up
  • Weekly information sessions keep our staff up to date about a client's unique problem or situation
  • Longer parts and labor warranties than the competition
  • Competitive pricing and cost effective maintenance program
Shop Service