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Attachments Rental

Attachments Rental

Short Term Rental
Do you have a need to use equipment for a day, week, month, or longer?  Our Short Term Rental department has equipment at your disposal to meet those temporary or urgent needs that occur in your business.

Long Term Rental
Do you achieve the equipment utilization you need to run your business?  Do you spend more time managing your fleet than you do your business?  Consider our Long Term Rental program with Full Maintenance.  For one fixed monthly payment you can have use of your equipment without all the hassles of managing it.  If your equipment stops working simply call us and we’ll take care of the rest.  Contact us tday to learn how we can help save you time and money while increasing your equipment utilization.
Please see our Rental Terms

Equipment Rental Rates

Carton Clamps Appliance Clamps $100 $265 $625
Rotating Fork Clamp 360 Degree $100 $265 $625
Push / Pull Slipsheet $100 $265 $625
Fork Positioner $100 $265 $625
Extra LPG Tank $15 $40 $80
Paper Roll Rotator $100 $265 $625
Longer Forks Or Wide Fork Carriages $100 $265 $625

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