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Combilift Multi Directional - Long Load Forklifts


Our Combilift line is designed to handle long loads safely and effectively by enabling the operator to travel in multi directions and both maximize space and storage utilization. These units will greatly increase your storage per sq foot by reducing aisle space required to put away and pull product from cantilverl and bulk storage areas. With a wide range of capacities and vehicle configurations, these units can be designed to fit your requirement and improve your handling of products.


  • 5,000 to 18,000 lb Capacities
  • LPG Propane units (other available)
  • 3 Way Hydrostatic Drive
  • Lifting Heights from 10’ to 28’
  • Long Load Handling Configuration
  • Kubota / GM Industrial Designed Engine
  • Load Sensing Steering - Operates in 8’ Aisles
4 Directional Forklift Trucks