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Nissan BX 4 Wheel Electric Forklift

Nissan Platinum BX 4-Wheel Electric

When long duty cycles and enhanced capacities are required, count on Nissan’s Platinum BX Series to take center stage in your load handling operation. Built on Nissan’s many years of experience manufacturing this class of truck, the robust BX Series forklifts are rugged, proven, and operator friendly.


  • Lifting Capacities Up To 8,000lbs.; Lifting Heights Up To 22’
  • Ergonomically Sculpted Seating; Accepts Multiple Attachments
  • Flex Logic Controlled Handling; Regenerative Braking System
  • 36 - 48 Volt 100% AC
  • 100% AC brushless motor system (hydraulic pump & drive motor)
  • LCD monitor with on-board diagnostics
  • Three pre-set operating modes; PIN access codes
  • On-demand, hydraulic power steering; Adjustable power-off feature
  • Regenerative braking efficiencies; Full suspension seat
  • Reduced rollback, cushioned stability control & auto-mast lock