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Electric Pallet Trucks

Our Electric Walkie and Rider Pallet trucks are the ideal solution when Pallet Movement and operator efficient and ergonomic are required at an affordable cost. Our Big Joe And Nissan Electric Pallet trucks Are the product of choice when it comes to Dock work, operating in Trucks, stock picking and high volume loading/unloading. The WPT and RPX Series will provide the operator with many features to enable them to be more effective at a cost owners will appreciate.

WPT 45 Medium Duty AC Pallet Truck
WPT 45 – Medium Duty AC Pallet Truck
E-30 Electric Pallet Jack
E-30 Electric Pallet Truck
D-40 Electric Walkie Pallet Truck
D-40 Electric Pallet Truck
WRT60 Electric Pallet Truck
E-25 Electric Pallet Trucks
E-25 Electric Pallet Trucks
Unicarriers WLXElectric Pallet Truck
Unicarriers WLX Electric Pallet Jack
Unicarriers' RPX Walkie/Rider Electric Pallet Truck
Unicarriers Walkie/Rider Electric Jack
Unicarriers' WPX Heavy Duty Electric Pallet Truck
Unicarriers Walkie Pallet Truck
Nissan RPX Walkie/Rider Electric Jack
Nissan RPX Walkie/Rider Electric Jack
Nissan Walkie Heavy Duty Jack
Nissan WPX Walkie Heavy Duty Jack