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L45SS-3 Stainless Steel Clean Room Jack

Stainless Steel Clean Room

Our Freezer and Clean Room pallet jacks are ideal for the applications where handling products in various environments can be accomplished with ease. Whether you are in a -20 freezer or minimal particle clean room, our pallet jacks will enable product to be maneuvered with ease.


  • 4500 lb. capacity
  • 27” wide X 48” long forks
  • 2.9” lowered height
  • 7.75” raised height
  • Stainless steel fork frame and hydraulic pump
  • Glass blasted frame for easy cleaning
  • Suitable for wash down
  • Meets all ansi stainless codes
  • Produced in aisi 304 stainless steel
  • 2 year warranty - we stock and service parts